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We here at Wrestlaholic scoured the earth to find the best writers and wrestling minds, and get them all on one team to make the best site for the greatest fans in the world.

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Our Team:


brendanBrendan is a lifelong wrestling fan. Having grown up in Upstate New York, the WWE was his main source of wrestling. During the Monday Night Wars, he’d record Nitro and watch it once RAW ended. Now he and his wife attend local independent shows as well as catching the weekly programming.

Brendan is not only an editor, and contributor here on Wrestlaholic, but is in charge of our Japanese wrestling coverage as well. He runs our Wrestlaholic Japan Twitter account, while also writing and editing our Japanese content.


Dominic Punt is our contributor from across the pond. Dom is a third-year student at Southampton Solent University working towards a degree in Sports Journalism.

Dom has been a fan since he was 11, with a resurgence in his fandom at WrestleMania 31.

Dom is now our U.K. Director and Editor. That means he is in charge of our Wrestlaholic U.K. Twitter account and is also in charge of all of our U.K. content on the site.

MikeMike was born and raised in Maryland and has been a wrestling fan since he first saw Hulk Hogan beat the Iron Sheik for the WWF title.

Mike is also a huge fan of Stone Cold, The Rock, AJ Styles, and of course the Bullet Club. Submission and Strong Style wrestling are his favorite wrestling styles.

The art of storytelling is essential to keep fans engaged in the match.

ZakI’m a cell phone salesmen by day and a wrestling filmer and photographer by night.

I’ve been a wrestling fan for as long as I can remember, my earliest memory being the infamous Barber Shop Window moment.

I currently have the pleasure of working for Xcite Wrestling, out of Binghamton, NY as well as Empire State Wrestling, based in Western New York.

I’ve been honored to work alongside wrestlers such as Ricky the Dragon Steamboat, Joey Ryan, and Cody Rhodes.

StevenSteven Werber is a 3rd generation wrestling fan with extensive knowledge of bad gimmicks and worse wrestlers. He hails from Pittsburgh where he’s witnessed all the NWA cards, most of the WWE cards and pledges to watch the Indies when he can clone himself.

Steven’s writing work includes sketches you’ve never heard of, plays you’ve never seen performed and over 1000 wrestler statistics sheets that will never see the light of day. Steven has taught English but believes grammar is mostly a lie.


A longtime wrestling fan and father of 2, born in Kent, England, Carl has been watching wrestling for almost two decades. He witnessed the end of The Attitude Era, WCW and ECW and the birth of modern wrestling.

A longtime fan of TNA/IMPACT and occasional watcher of ROH, NJPW and any Indy matches he can feast his eyes and ears upon. Carl’s heart lies with Wrestling, and it’s future direction with WWE’s 205 and NXT, not to mention the prospect of mixed tag matches being a mainstay and is currently enjoying watching the world outside of WWE flourish, in turn making the Wrestling World flourish.

JakeI was born in Northampton, England and am a third-year student at Southampton Solent University and have followed WWE for over 10 years.
My all-time favorite wrestler is Chris Jericho or Edge, and my current favorite wrestler is Seth Rollins.
My favourite ever match is Edge vs Mick Foley as that was one of the first matches I can remember watching and the match that really cemented my love for Wrestling.


Wrestling has been my obsession since 2005. As a third-year Creative Media major with a specialization in Creative Writing, it is a blessing to be able to get my fandom on paper.

My all-time favorite wrestler is Christian, the primary reason why I became interested in TNA. To this day, I think it’s a shame that he never got a proper world title run in WWE.

Through the rise of streaming sites, I’m quickly becoming a fan of New Japan Pro Wrestling and Progress