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We here at Wrestlaholic scoured the earth to find the best writers and wrestling minds, and get them all on one team to make the best site for the greatest fans in the world.

Mission Statement: We aim to provide the Internet Wrestling Community with breaking news stories, opinion pieces, and podcast about the wrestling world.

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Our Team:


brendanBrendan is a lifelong wrestling fan. Having grown up in Upstate New York, the WWE was his main source of wrestling. During the Monday Night Wars, he’d record Nitro and watch it once RAW ended. Now he and his wife attend local independent shows as well as catching the weekly programming.

Brendan is not only the Managing Editor for Wrestlaholic but also contributes content daily. He also heads our coverage of the sport in Japan.

ZakI’m a cell phone salesmen by day and a wrestling filmer and photographer by night.

I’ve been a wrestling fan for as long as I can remember, my earliest memory being the infamous Barber Shop Window moment.

I currently have the pleasure of working for Xcite Wrestling, out of Binghamton, NY as well as Empire State Wrestling, based in Western New York.

I’ve been honored to work alongside wrestlers such as Ricky Steamboat, Joey Ryan, and Cody Rhodes.