Wrestler of the Week: 10/30/18 – 11/6/18

Hello everyone and welcome to another edition of my Wrestler of the Week column. This past week was one that included a huge surplus of action, from a big WWE Championship match on Smackdown Live to a huge ROH tournament and much more! With a loaded week like this, there was certainly plenty to choose from and I finally made my decision and it’s arguably … Continue reading Wrestler of the Week: 10/30/18 – 11/6/18

The SmackDown ShowDown: 11/6/18

we’re back for another edition of the SmackDown ShowDown my friends! Once again the WWE took on Manchester, England. Following an abysmal night of television from the red brand, SmackDown delivered a strong episode. With Survivor Series coming up quickly zero time was wasted on SmackDown to build towards the event. With all that said, let’s get to the fun! The Matches: SmackDown Tag Team … Continue reading The SmackDown ShowDown: 11/6/18

The RAW Refresh: 11/5/18

Here we are again my friends, another edition of Monday Night RAW. This week’s episode comes to us from Manchester, England and began the build to Survivor Series. The WWE didn’t have much time to wast as next week will already be the go-home episode of RAW. We also got another chapter in the Ambrose/Rollins segment as the Lunatic Fringe made an appearance. With that … Continue reading The RAW Refresh: 11/5/18

ROH TV SPOILER! World Title Match Revealed for Final Battle!

Before I Go into this report I would just like to state how important Final Battle is to ROH. For any new fans out there that are unaware, it’s often been regarded as the promotions biggest event and has been running since 2005. Featuring a remarkable collection of professional wrestling’s greatest stars on its various installments throughout the years. This year is bound to be … Continue reading ROH TV SPOILER! World Title Match Revealed for Final Battle!

ROH TV SPOILER! Huge Debut Announced for Final Battle!

It has recently been announced at the ROH TV taping on Saturday that a major face in the British wrestling scene will be making his debut for the company after years of anticipation. That man is none other than Zack Sabre Jr. Over the years this young man has made a name for himself with his brutal hard-hitting wrestling style and his superb knowledge of … Continue reading ROH TV SPOILER! Huge Debut Announced for Final Battle!